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by Allan Fish

(France 1966 122m) DVD1

Aka. The War is Over

In the shadows we began to fight

Anatole Dauman, Catherine Winter, Gisèle Rebillon  d  Alain Resnais  w  Jorge Semprun  ph  Sacha Vierny  ed  Eric Pluet  m  Giovanni Fusco  art  Jacques Saulnier

Yves Montand (Diego Mora), Ingrid Thulin (Marianne), Geneviève Bujold (Nadine Sallanches), Jean Dasté (Chief), Dominique Rozan (Jude), Jean-François Remi (Juan), Michel Piccoli (customs inspector), Jorge Semprun (narrator),

The first thing I think of when recalling Alain Resnais’s film is its soundtrack.  Giovanni Fusco’s music is slow, at times to the point of inertia, and doesn’t so much swell up in a scene as sneak in through a secret passageway off-camera so that you barely notice it’s there.  It’s solemn, it’s melancholy, filled with world-weariness and, as such, is as perfectly suited to the film as Francis Lai’s abominable “da da das” for the simultaneously shot Un Homme et une Femme were enough to make one wish to be deaf.  The analogy may seem a rather facetious doffing of the hat to the happy fate of chronology, yet there is another link there.  Lelouch’s film starred Jean-Louis Trintignant, and it really made him a star, but the role was still unworthy of the man who would later be so chilling in The Conformist.  In between the two roles, he would also appear in ‘Z‘, with none other than Yves Montand, though Trintigant only appears – with an irony again not lost on this reviewer – after Montand’s assassination.  (more…)

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