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Holiday *****

by Allan Fish

(USA 1938 97m) DVD1/2

Aka. Unconventional Linda

Declaration of independence

p  Everett Riskin  d  George Cukor  w  Donald Ogden Stewart, Sidney Buchman  play  Philip Barry  ph  Franz Planer  ed  Otto Meyer  m  Sidney Cutner  art  Stephen Goosson, Lionel Banks

Cary Grant (Johnny Case), Katharine Hepburn (Linda Seton), Doris Nolan (Julia Seton), Lew Ayres (Ned Seton), Edward Everett Horton (Prof. Nick Potter), Jean Dixon (Susan Potter), Henry Kolker (Edward Seton), Henry Daniell (Seton Cramm), Binnie Barnes (Laura Cramm),

Just imagine that as you are reading this you receive a knock on the door.  You go to see who it is and see Don Knotts standing there.  Entering he offers you the chance, as he did Tobey Maguire and Reese Witherspoon in Pleasantville, to go into the environment of any movie you name.  Just think of the choices open to you, as you ponder where to visit; the Kit Kat Club, the cantina at Mos Eisley, Le Amar Azul at Acapulco, the Korova Milkbar, the Gallows Oak in Sherwood, the Black Pussy Cat Café at Lompoc, the beast’s enchanted castle, Ballin Mundson’s Buenos Aires casino, Buggleskelly railway station, Fat Moe’s delicatessen in Brooklyn, or Dutchie’s joyous bar at Barranca, Venezuela.  Though all, particularly the latter, would be attractive, there can be but one for me; the nursery on the 4th floor of the Seton residence, N.Y.C., circa 1938.  And for all the plaudits I could give, I don’t think I could give a clearer demonstration of my affection for it than that. (more…)

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