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Another Bit of Fun

Same rules as usual, guys…

Played Big Babe Lazich, Hecky Brown and Max Bialystock, saidAn honest virgin, what a terrible combination!and went on the run with Jack Palance.

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The next in the series of the top 25…

by Allan Fish

(USA 1935 75m) DVD1/2

A new world of gods and monsters!

p  Carl Laemmle Jnr  d  James Whale  w  John L.Balderston, William Hurlblut  novel  Mary Shelley  ph  John Mescall  ed  Ted J.Kent  m  Franz Waxman art  Charles D.Hall, Kenneth Strickfaden (apparatus design)  spc  John P.Fulton  make-up  Jack Pierce

Boris Karloff (Monster), Colin Clive (Henry Frankenstein), Ernest Thesiger (Dr Septimus Praetorius), Valerie Hobson (Elizabeth), E.E.Clive (Burgomaster), Una O’Connor (Minnie), O.P.Heggie (Blind Hermit), Elsa Lanchester (Mary Shelley/Monster’s Mate), Gavin Gordon (Lord Byron), Douglas Walton (Percy Shelley), Dwight Frye (Karl), Lucien Prival, Mary Gordon, John Carradine, Walter Brennan, Anne Darling, Billy Barty,

The Bride of Frankenstein is that rarest of beasts, in more ways than one.  It’s a masterpiece that improves on an original that was a classic in itself, a feat that can be counted on the digits of one hand. So much more than a horror film, it’s a spoof of the original, a spoof of itself, a religious allegory and a cry out for humanity in a dark, cruel world.  “It’s a perfect night for mystery and horror, the air itself is filled with monsters” Mary Shelley tells us before narrating the tale in the prologue, and she’s right.   

            Opening on a stormy night at the actual historical meeting of Mary and Percy Shelley with Lord Byron, Mary tells the others how her story of Frankenstein actually ended.  Taking up where the original left off, the monster is left burning in the windmill and the villagers return home.  However, the monster is not dead at all, returns and, hoodwinked by the sinister Dr Pretorius, convinces Frankenstein to make him a mate to help make life bearable for him. (more…)

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