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by Allan Fish

(USA 1932 89m) DVD1

Isn’t it romantic?

p/d  Rouben Mamoulian  w  Samuel Hoffenstein, Waldemar Young, George Marion Jnr  play  “Tailor in the Château” by Leopold Marchand and Paul Armont  ph  Victor Milner  ed  William Shea  m/ly  Richard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart  art  Hans Dreier  cos  Travis Banton, Edith Head

Maurice Chevalier (Maurice Courtelin), Jeanette MacDonald (Princess Jeanette), Charles Ruggles (Vicompt Gilbert de Vareze), Charles Butterworth (Count de Savignac), Myrna Loy (Princess Vantine), C.Aubrey Smith (Duke), Joseph Cawthorn (Dr Armand de Fontinac), Robert Greig, Ethel Griffies, Blanche Frederici, Elizabeth Patterson,

When people come to discuss the great musicals of the thirties, the conversation generally will have two mainstays in the fight; the working girl depression Busby Berkeley musicals at Warners and the art deco romantic comedy musicals of Astaire and Rogers at RKO.  No-one can deny their merits or argue that any such list as mine would be incomplete without due homage to both corners, but in my opinion the series of light sophisticated musicals produced by the personification of studio sophistication that was Pre Hays Code Paramount are better still.  (more…)

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