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by Marco Tremble

Brides was Hammer’s follow up to the original adaptation of Bram Stoker’s vampire tale and unfortunately did not star Christopher Lee in his signature role as he was afraid of being typecast (never!!!).   Instead the bloodthirsty aristocrat was played by another British actor David Peel in his only silver screen outing providing a passable performance as the monster of the piece but never equaling Lee at his height.   Carrying on the Hammer tradition and reprising his role as the nemesis of all bloodsuckers was Peter Cushing as Van Helsing (not be confused with the mistake that Stephen Sommers made, entertaining though it was), ably supported by veteran British actresses Martita Hunt and Freda Jackson.  Also supporting Mr. Cushing was the lovely French Actress Yvonne Monlaur as the unlucky victim of the desires of Baron Meinster.   (more…)

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