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by Sam Juliano

Caden Cotard directs theatrical productions, and while staging Miller’s Death of a Salesman, he is stricken with signs of illness, both physical and mental.  While shaving, a plumbing fixture snaps off and smashes into his forehead unleashing a geyser of blood and the subsequent belief he has brain damage.  This further manifests itself in a seeming onset of senility as he misconstrues a television broadcast that announces that Harold Pinter has won the Nobel Prize, as a promulgation of his death.  A hypochondriac and theatre director, Caden lives in Schenectady, New York with his wife Adele, a painter and their daughter Olive.  Their life together is wretched, and eventually Adele takes off to Berlin with Olive (“This whole romantic love thing, it’s just a projection, right?”) and Caden stays home to forge ahead with flirtations with an aspiring actress named Claire and his own theatre’s box office manager, Hazel. (more…)

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