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by Sam Juliano

One of the most beloved films in movie history, and a centerpiece of baby boomer childhood, The Wizard of Oz (1939) was voted the greatest film of the 1930’s by 28 film lovers in a month-long Internet polling that recently concluded.  The poll, run by the blogsite, Wonders in the Dark, directed each voter to choose their 25 choices in numerical order of their ‘greatest’ or ‘favorite’ films of the Golden Age decade, and to list them on the appropriate thread.  This is the second time that a 30’s poll run by the same group, ended with The Wizard of Oz on top, although the membership of voters in both polls was disperate.  In 2005, a Fairview, New Jersey-based e mail network conducted a poll with similar specs, and the Judy Garland starred, based on L. Frank Baum’s children’s work, came in first, based on roughly the same number of voters who participated three years ago.     

Voters continually identified with the musical-fantasy, as the one film, above all others that moved them the most from their childhood to their adult-years, unfailingly tapping into their sentiments of nostalgia, childhood memories, and as adults still being moved levels never exhausted.      (more…)

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