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Another bit of fun…


by Allan Fish


It’s been a while, with the poll and everything, but same rules apply…first to get the full six points gets to choose what header to put up to replace the blasted Wizard of Oz.

Played Seb Cooley, Sir William Porterhouse and Edward Moulton Barrett, saidWhy was I not made of stone like thee?and recited the Gettysburg address.

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by Sam Juliano

Beach Boys legend Brian Wilson performed at the newly-renovated Wellmont on Sunday night in front of a packed crowd.  His band, recently called “the best touring rock musicians in the world” by Paul McCartney, helped breathe life into both popular songs from the 60’s and Wilson’s new album, That Lucky Old Sun.  Wilson, who made a comeback after a lengthy bout with drugs, obesity and manic depression that nearly cost him his life, sat behind a keyboard, and performed a number of vocals, along with colleague Jeff Foskett, who superbly emulates the singing voice of Brian from the early years.  Foskett’s spirited reading of the best song the Beach Boys ever wrote, Wouldn’t It Be Nice, is front of a swirling psychedelic screen of colors and moving images, was one of the concert’s finest moments.     

Wilson, who received a thunderous ovation from both middle-aged and young rock fans, quickly announced that he was going to devote the first half of the program to early Beach Boys favorites like Surfer Girl, Fun Fun Fun, I Get Around, God Only Knows, California Girls, In My Room, Sloop John B, and their biggest hit of all, Good Vibrations, and the second half to the new album.  Utilizing an array of performers (many were Montclair locals) which included a small string section at the back of the stage, Wilson effectively had others bring back that special sound that originated in a Hawthorne, California living room and was afterwards synonymous with Pacific beaches.  Indeed, Wilson is arguably the greatest composer of American popular music during the rock era, (Paul Simon, Neil Young and a few others would contend for that designation) and the Beach Boys, which included two of his brothers in the five person band, are often referred to as the greatest of all American rock bands, with good reason.   (more…)

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