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by Sam Juliano

The magical hook of the Sundance film festival hit Were the World Mine is the notion that one can spray potion into someone’s eyes and make them fall in love with the first person they see.  During the course of this utterly winning new comedy-musical that has more than its fair share of charm and camp appeal, this situation makes for some uproarious moments and a wonderful topsy-turvy rehaul of a conservative rural community.  Of course the center of the film is Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the comedy-fantasy play that centers around this very deceit.  Hence, shortly after the film’s central character, Timothy (Tanner Cohen) spray’s Cupid’s love juice that appears in Titania’s bower into the eyes of a supposedly straight star of the rugby team, Jonathan (Nathaniel David Becker) who harbors a hidden crush for Timothy, a plot is set into motion that turns a fully heterosexual town into a gay one.  All over the town, Timothy turns homophobes into swooning gay lovers, and hilariously at one point the camera captures lesbian and gay lovers on benches, steps and parks all making love in public.     (more…)

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