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by Allan Fish

(USA 1943 7m) DVD2 (France only)

Oh, daddy!

p  Fred Quimby  d/w  Tex Avery  m  Scott Bradley

Good evening, kiddies.  Once upon a time, Little Red Riding Hood was skipping through the woods.  She was going to her grandmother’s house to take grandma a basket of nice goodies.  BUT, waiting in the woods was a mean old wolf, ready to pounce on poor Little Red Riding Hood…”  The Wolf strums his fingers on a log, then finally jumps up, throws his hat to the ground and shouts “OH, STOP IT!!!…I’m fed up with that sissy stuff…”  Cue equally impassioned rants from Riding Hood and Grandma.  Yes, folks, it’s Tex Avery country.  And if I was asked to pick a favourite Tex cartoon – there are several in this selection, there could easily have been more – though I have seriously deep affection for Bad Luck Blackie and Magical Maestro, their fans must forgive me when I say there can only be one favourite. (more…)

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