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by Allan Fish

(France 1945 193m) DVD1/2

Aka. Children of Paradise

A stroll down the Boulevard du Temple

p  Fred Orain, Raymond Borderic  d  Marcel Carné  w  Jacques Prévert  ph  Roger Hubert  ed  Henri Rust, Madeleine Bonin  m  Maurice Thiriet, Joseph Kosma, G.Mouque  art  Alexandre Trauner, Léon Barsacq, Raymond Galbutti  cos  Antoine Mayo

Arletty (Garance), Jean-Louis Barrault (Baptiste Debureau), Pierre Brasseur (Frédéric Lemaître), Marcel Herrand (Pierre-François Lacenaire), Maria Casarès (Natalie), Pierre Renoir (Jericho), Êtienne Decroux (Anselme Debureau), Fabien Loris (Avril), Louis Salou (Eduard, le Comte de Montray), Gaston Modot (File de Soie, the blind beggar), Marcel Perès (director), Jane Marken (Mme.Hermine), Robert Dhéry (Célestin), Paul Frankeur (Inspector), Pierre Palau (manager), Albert Remy (Scarpia Borigni),

Marcel Carné’s recreation of 1840s Paris is truly one of the wonders of the cinematic world, a masterpiece so universally proclaimed not only by critics of the vernacular (who rate it the greatest film in their nation’s history), but of world cinema also.  Certainly it is one of the truly great recreations of a time and a place put on camera, so lovingly composed by a team of superb technicians and thespians at their peak as to be an object lesson in period recreation.  That they managed to do so under the extremely oppressive Vichy regime and did not let a three year completion period deter them is a great testament to French ingenuity and spirit.  (more…)

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