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by Allan Fish

(USA 1946 7m) DVD1/2
Slapstick symphony
p  Fred Quimby  d  William Hanna, Joseph Barbera  md  Scott Bradley

Of all the classic cartoon characters of yore, from Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck to Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, Tom & Jerry hold a unique place in animation history.  Not just because of their very individual brand of mayhem, but because they were animated by the famous animator partners, Hanna and Barbera.  For it was they who went on to make a name for themselves in the successor to the cartoon industry, producing two reel cartoon episodes for television, the best of them based on classic American TV sitcoms (Top/Boss Cat based on You’ll Never Get Rich (Bilko), The Flintstones based on The Honeymooners).  And though they themselves had no second generation offspring, as it were, could one imagine The Simpsons without The Flintstones a generation earlier?  Just two links from Ralph Kramden to Homer Simpson; scary.  (more…)

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by Sam Juliano

Things are settling down now after the sad departure of Allan Fish on Sunday, and business as usual must return if Wonders in the Dark can make good it’s promise to cover contemporary cinema and other art forms. Allan’s trip was by and large spent on viewing films in the theatre. We saw 15 films, some of which I had seen before, and a number of course which were new releases. As Allan rarely reviews new films, I was happy that he was able to write essays on both Gran Torino and Revolutionary Road.  Unfortunately, the downside of all this was I simply was unable to put any writing together.  Staff writer Kaleem Hasan also attended (with Allan and me) screenings of both Wendy and Lucy and Che.

     With Tony D’Ambra as our ever-viligent and ceaseless advisor (and major staff writer) we will strive in the upcoming months to combine Allan’s astonishing  review archives of classic cinema with the newest films on the movie scene including those coveted Manhattan exclusives of foreign-language and independent cinema.

    I again want to thank so many commenters for their extraorinary and deeply-appreciated submissions that have kept keep this three-month adventure alive and exciting.  Among them are: Dark City Dame, Frank Aida, Peter Marose, Alexander Coleman, Joe Ferilla, Frank Gallo, Bill, David Noack, Marco Tremble, Rick Olson, Evan Derrick, Philip Johnston, “K”, Dorothy Porker, Russ Martin, Frederick, Carol Ann, Peter Danish, Karen, Nick, Daniel, Craig, Pierre, sartre, Andrei Scala, Film Doctor, Ibetolis, Movie Man, Angelo, Bobby McCartney, Broadway Bob Eagleson, Matt Lucas, Alison, Miranda, Joe Demme, David S. Anders, and a host of others.

     It’s been a historic three months and we hope to accomplish much more.

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