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Love on the Dole ****½


by Allan Fish

(UK 1941 100m) DVD2

Down in Hankey Park

p  John Baxter  d  John Baxter  w  Walter Greenwood, Barbara K.Emery, Rollo Gamble  play/novel  Walter Greenwood  ph  James Wilson  ed  Michael C.Chorlton  m  Richard Addinsell  art  R.Holmes Paul

Deborah Kerr (Sally Hardcastle), Geoffrey Hibbert (Harry Hardcastle), Clifford Evans (Larry Meade), George Carney (Henry Hardcastle), Joyce Howard (Helen), Frank Cellier (Sam Grundy), Mary Merrall (Mrs Hardcastle), Maire O’Neill (Nancy Dorbell), Marjorie Rhodes (Mrs Bull), Marie Ault (Alice Jike), Iris Vandeleur (Mrs Nattle), A.Bromley Davenport, Kenneth Griffith, Peter Gawthorne,

I remember where I was when I heard of Deborah Kerr’s death in the autumn of 2007.  I was sat in front of a friend’s PC in Fairview, New Jersey scanning through the BBC website.  Despite her appearance in such films as The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp, Black Narcissus, Julius Caesar, From Here to Eternity and The Innocents, it was neither of them that I thought of.  It was rather her appearance at nineteen as Sally Hardcastle in this early, overlooked British classic that presented itself to memory.  The irony was not lost on me that I was so far away from Blighty, and particular from the second home, Salford, where the film and original play and novel were set. (more…)

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