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Obits for January…

by Allan Fish

Just a small note to those who passed on in January, a process we will be doing each month on WitD.

Edmund Purdom, star of The Egyptian, died aged 84 on New Year’s Day.  On the 3rd, we lost Pat Hingle aged 84, star of numerous large and small screen productions, most famous as Commissioner Gordon in the original Warners series of Batman films.  On 12th, Claude Berri, director of Jean de Florette, Manon des Sources and Germinal died aged 74.  On 13th January we lost Danger Man and The Prisoner star Patrick McGoohan, aged 80.  Everyone’s favourite o.t.t. Hispanic, Ricardo Montalban, went on 14th January, aged 88.  Rumpole of the Bailey creator John Mortimer – who also adapted Brideshead Revisited for the legendary 1981 TV series, followed on 16th January, aged 85.  On 17th January we lost, at the tragically young aged of 42 from cancer, The Idiots star Trine Michelsen, along with the 1943 The Phantom of the Opera star Susanna Foster, aged 84.  A day later, not connected to the big screen I know, but a childhood favourite in the UK, Tony Hart, the artist, whose TV shows and plasticine creations Morph and Chas will always be remembered, left us aged 83.  On the same day Kathleen Byron, mad Sister Ruth in Black Narcissus, and more recently memorable in TV’s In a Land of Plenty in 2001, passed away aged 88.  And last but not least, the curtain came down on the silent era, with the somewhat inevitable but sad news that the last adult remnant of the silent era, Marie Glory, imperishable star of L’Herbier’s L’Argent, died in Cannes aged 103.

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