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31 Days of Oscar@….Sam Juliano’s…Prediction For Best Actress

Sam Juliano From “Wonders in the Dark” Best Actress Rundown and Prediction….

Angelina Jolie, Changeling

Meryl Streep, Doubt

Melissa Leo, Frozen River

  Anne Hathaway, Rachel Getting Married

….and Kate Winslet, as a woman with a secret past during the Holocaust in The Reader

At this point in time (things could change but this prospect is doubtful) Ms. Winslet will be approaching the podium to pick up her first Oscar in four weeks or so. She gave two widely-praised performances in one year (the other of course in Revoluntionary Road), and she is a very popular actress who is overdue to win. Ms. Hathaway and Ms. Streep are breathing down her neck, but the former is young and will have more chances, and the latter, though in many ways beloved, has had her moment in the sun. Of course, either could win, but this doesn’t seem to be the way it looks. Melissa Leo gave a raw and physically demanding performance, but I think she’s a longshot, with the nomination the actual prize………so there you have it, Kate Winslet heading for the win, despite the fact that–now check this out!–she and her husband are not happy with Harvey Weinstein for figuring prominently in getting her the nom for The Reader, rather than for what they both considered (and most people and critics seem to agree) to be her stronger performance in Revolutionary Road.
Winslet’s husband of course is Sam Mendes, who directed RR.

Sam Juliano’s Prediction: Kate Winslet, in….The Reader.

Sam Juliano’s Personal Choice: Kate Winslet in ….The Reader*

(*Note, If Sally Hawkins were in the mix, I would favor Hawkins as my personal choice.)

The Best Actress race seems more significant for who was left out more than who actually made it in. Both Sally Hawkins,  who gave an effervescent performance as a perky schoolteacher with an interesting world view in Mike Leigh’s Happy-Go-Lucky, and Kristen-Scott Thomas, who uses her bilingual tongue superbly in foreign-language entry I’m Known You So Long, gave absolutely superlative performances. Both should have been nominated, both have been honored elsewhere, and both are easily better than Angelina Jolie, who nabbed a nom for Changeling by crying throughout the film.

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