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(“The Oscars @ Interview)…. My Interview with Sam Juliano, From Over There at Wonders in the Dark….

Good-Morning! fellow bloggers and Wonders in the Dark, readers, this morning I am so happy that the proprietor of, Wonders in the Dark, and fellow blogger Sam Juliano, took the time out of his very busy schedule to sit down and talk with me over a cup of coffee and croissant(s) about how his interest in the cinema began….

Dee Dee: Welcome! Sam Juliano, what a pleasure it is for me to meet you, (I reach to shake… Sam Juliano, hand…) please sit down and…Let me begin by asking you the first question that I ask all my guest and that is… Can you please tell me a little about your blog,
Wonders in the Dark?

Sam Juliano: First of all, Dee Dee, it is my honor to sit down with you. You have been gracing so many blogs with your ceaseless effervescence and good will, not to mention humility and passion. I was moved when you asked me to join with you in covering the Oscars this month, and a number of readers at both blogs have enjoyed the coverage.

Dee Dee: I’am not so sure about my blog, but I ‘am quite sure about yours, methinks, that you are developing a loyal readership and several new friends along the way. But, thank-you, just the same for the very generous compliment.

Sam, excuse me, please continue when was “Wonders in the Dark” launched….Wonders in the Dark was launched late in September by yours truly and my dear friend Allan Fish, who lives in the U.K, (Allan, has written well over 1,200 reviews in a film book.) (more…)

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by Allan Fish

(France/Italy 1953 148m) DVD1/2

Aka. Le Salaire de la Peur

Waltz of death

p  Henri-Georges Clouzot  d  Henri-Georges Clouzot  w  Henri-Georges Clouzot, Jerome Geronimi  novel  Georges Arnaud  ph  Armand Thirard  ed  Henri Rust, Madeleine Gug, Etiennette Muse  m  Georges Auric  art  René Renoux

Yves Montand (Mario), Charles Vanel (Jo), Peter Van Eyck (Bimba), Folco Lulli (Luigi), Vera Clouzot (Linda), William Tubbs (Bill O’Brien), Dario Moreno (Hernandez), Jo Dest (Smerloff), Antonio Centa (camp chief), Luis de Lima (Bernardo),

If you asked your average filmgoer which film comes to mind when he hears Strauss’ immortal ‘Blue Danube Waltz’, you can be fairly safe in your assumption that about 90% of them would pick Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.  The odd buff who may be old Hollywood minded might recall the background music in Grand Hotel, or even, for those with a real memory, Cukor’s Holiday.  Yet I, though occasionally thinking of Kubrick or Grant and Hepburn’s slow music-box waltz at New Year, generally think of this, Clouzot’s masterpiece of tension from the early fifties. 

            In the Central American outpost of Las Pedras, drop-outs of assorted nationalities congregate on a crossroads to nowhere.  Italians, French, Spanish, Mexican, German, English or American, it matters little here.  The only nationality of note is that of anonymity, of hitting rock bottom.  However, a pay out opportunity comes when an oilfield disaster occurs that requires desperate remedies.  $2,000 is put up as payment for those willing to take the chance.  The downside is that the job is driving trucks over 300 miles of rough roads to the oilfields with nothing less than nitro-glycerine onboard (uncannily recalling Richard Barthelmess’ flight in Only Angels Have Wings in a not too dissimilar location).  Of a handful who take driving tests to prove their worthiness, four eventually make the journey; an Italian, a German, and two Frenchmen – one older Parisian and a younger Corsican. (more…)

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