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Please can someone tell Mr Juliano what the header picture is that has been up for some time.  He had it in his head it was from a de Mille film, which I found hysterically funny.  Put him out of his misery, so he can go and put himself up against a wall.

Answers on a comment?

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by Allan Fish

(USA 1958 128m) DVD1/2

I want you to follow my wife

p  Alfred Hitchcock  d  Alfred Hitchcock  w  Alec Coppel, Samuel Taylor  novel  “D’entre les Morts” by Pierre Bioleau, Thomas Narcejac  ph  Robert Burks  ed  George Tomasini  m  Bernard Herrmann  art  Hal Pereira, Henry Bumstead  cos  Edith Head  tit  Saul Bass

James Stewart (John “Scottie” Ferguson), Kim Novak (Madeleine Elster/Judy Barton), Barbara Bel Geddes (Midge), Tom Helmore (Gavin Elster), Henry Jones (Coroner), Raymond Bailey (Doctor), Ellen Corby (Manageress), Konstantin Shayne (Pop Leibel),

Vertigo is a film that still splits critical opinion to this day.  Barry Norman dislikes it and I certainly can’t say that I particularly like it.  Yet it’s one that gnaws at you, disorients you, distorts reality and ultimately leaves you as dizzy as the central protagonist.  It’s not a perfect film, but I find it hard to disagree with Leonard Maltin when he said Vertigo was “a genuinely great motion picture that demands multiple viewings.”  Each viewing gives you an extra piece to the puzzle.  Some day, you’ll see the big picture.  Though many might say that a film that can only be truly understood after multiple viewings is hardly the essence of cinema, I disagree.  Like the seemingly possessed painting of Carlotta Valdés in the museum, you come back to it again and again and look at it in different angles, in different moods.  It really does merit it.  (more…)

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