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Two Lovers


by Jennifer Boulden

Like good jazz, the rhythms of Two Lovers are all a little off. And like good jazz, this makes for a more engaging experience with the audience-we are never quite sure what to expect next as it lilts and hops forward in playful dissonance and broken harmonies. Yet Two Lovers’ rhythms, we come to realize in the course of director James Gray’s small film, feel off not because they are so dissimilar from what we expect in life, but because they are so dissimilar from what we expect to find in film.

The people of Two Lovers feel real, full of ambiguities and complexities. These are far from stock characters, even as they fill stock roles. They are fully realized individuals that we can tell have had lives before they appear on screen and lives that will continue long after the theater lights are all dark.  It is a tiny slice of life film that feels much more European than American. American romances, however convoluted, rarely approach this level of subtle sophistication and insight. (more…)

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