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by Sam Juliano

With so many productions of Hamlet being produced on stages worldwide, and with a number of others permanently captured on film (many available on DVD), it’s little wonder that  a minimalist transcription with contemporary garb is hardly a cause for celebration.  In fact the new three hour and forty minute production from the Theater for a New Audience Company, isn’t for patrons hoping for a faithful and unabridged reading of what is generally acknowledge as the greatest play ever written.  As such, it’s enigmatic, philosophical and contemplative central character provides an actor with the greatest role in the theatre.  A weak Hamlet invariably dooms the staging he appears in, and such is the case with a company who just a few weeks ago dazzled the theater world with an extraordinarily well-acted version of Othello, which unlike the current staging boasted a superlative turn in the title role.     (more…)

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