Archive for April 14th, 2009

by Sam Juliano

     The greatest honor of Wonders in the Dark’s seven-month lifespan came earlier today with an amazing acknowledgement on the IMDB’s “home page.”  http://www.imdb.com/  Our post “The Best Movies of the 1950’s”, which reported the recent result of our third successive decade of movies, is named in the fourth highest position on the IMDB’s “hit list” which can be found near the bottom of the page, after one clicks the link.

     It’s apparent that someone employed in the IMDB administration was impressed with the polling and/or the site, and as a result we received a number of unexpected ballots today for the 60’s poll, a slew of comments, and a spectacular 9,400 hits at the site, when our previous high was around 750 two months ago.  In behalf of Allan Fish, Tony d’Ambra, Jennifer Boulden, Dennis Polifroni, Kaleem Hasan, Marco Tremble, “Dee Dee”, “Sartre,” “Bobby J” “Pierre de Plume” and our illustrious band of fecund commenters, I would like to say to all: Congrats on your terrific work here.  It’s really paid off today!

     This is particularly sweet for Sydney native Tony d’Ambra, who for months has been offering ‘winning’ suggestions to steer this site to increased recognition.  His writing for the site has been superlative, and his advice invaluable.

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