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Jon Lanthier opts for a touch of minimalism.


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by David Lean

(UK/USA 1962 221m) DVD1/2

Nothing is written

p  Sam Spiegel, David Lean  d  David Lean  w  Robert Bolt, Michael Wilson  ph  Frederick A.Young, Nicolas Roeg (2nd unit)  ed  Anne V.Coates  m  Maurice Jarre  art  John Box, John Stoll, Dario Simone  cos  Phyllis Dalton  sound  John Cox

Peter O’Toole (T.E.Lawrence), Omar Sharif (Sheriff Ali), Anthony Quinn (Auda Abu Tayi), Jack Hawkins (Gen.Allenby), Anthony Quayle (Col.Harry Brighton), Arthur Kennedy (Jackson Bentley), Alec Guinness (Prince Feisal), Claude Rains (Dryden), José Ferrer (Turkish Bey), Donald Wolfit (Gen.Murray), Michel Ray, Zia Mohyeddin, I.S.Johar, Clive Morton, Cyril Cusack, Howard Marion Crawford,

Lawrence of Arabia is a film so deified by the current Hollywood elite that it seems churlish to pick any holes in it.  For sure it’s the greatest film of Lean’s epic phase, a film of incredible visual beauty, intelligently scripted, exceptionally acted and dipped in the sort of majesty few films even aspire to, let alone achieve.  Yet though it may be worth his later efforts Doctor Zhivago, Ryan’s Daughter and A Passage to India put together, forgive me if I don’t yearn for his earlier, more linear and certainly leaner forties works.  (As one quipping critic put it, inside every Lean picture, there is a fat one wanting to get out.)  (more…)

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