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by Allan Fish

(USA 1969/1994 145m) DVD1/2

Ants and scorpions

p  Phil Feldman  d  Sam Peckinpah  w  Walon Green, Sam Peckinpah  ph  Lucien Ballard  ed  Lou Lombardo  m  Jerry Fielding  art  Edward Carrere 

William Holden (Pike Bishop), Ernest Borgnine (Dutch Engstrom), Robert Ryan (Deke Thornton), Edmond O’Brien (Sykes), Warren Oates (Lyle Gorch), Jaime Sanchez (Angel), Ben Johnson (Tector Gorch), Strother Martin (Coffer), L.Q.Jones (T.C), Emilio Fernandez (Mapache), Albert Dekker (Harrigan), Dub Taylor (Wainscoat),

The Wild Bunch is a film that enshrines for ever the old west drawing to a close.  It’s a film about men in a man’s world being forced to vacate premises on their own terms before time catches up with them, one to which John Woo, the Wachowskis and Quentin Tarantino owe so much, but still beats them all hands down.  This is a film in which death truly does echo in the wind and the buzzards aren’t all of the feathered variety. (more…)

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