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by Allan Fish

(Mexico 1962 95m) DVD1/2

Aka. El Angel Exterminador

The Paradisi Sonata

p  Gustavo Alatriste  d  Luis Buñuel  w/story  Luis Alcoriza, Luis Buñuel  play  “Los Naufragos de la Calle de la Providentia” by Jose Bergamin  ph  Gabriel Figueroa  ed  Carlos Savage  m  Alessandro Scarlatti, Pietro Domenico Paradisi  art  Jésus Branco 

Silvia Pinal (Letitia), Enrique Rambal (Edmundo Nobile), Jacqueline Andere (Senora Alicia Roc), José Baviera (Leandro), Augusto Benedico (Doctor), Luis Beristain (Christian Ugalde), Antonio Bravo (Russell), Claudio Brook (Julio, the butler), Lucy Gallardo (Lucia Nobile), Cesar del Campo (Colonel), Rosa Elena Durgel (Silvia), Enrique Garcia Alvarez (Alberto Roc),

There have been some strange homages to movies in recent TV history, in The Simpsons and South Park in particular, but none so strange or eclectic as that of Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer, whose 2002 episode “Older and Far Away” owed much of its plot to Buñuel’s seminal sixties work.  Fair enough, the party guests there only found themselves unable to leave for one night and the cause was an awry spell not an almost geometric example of causality, but the essence was the same.  What was surprising is that ninety percent of the obsessive Whedonites would not have understood the reference as they would very likely never have heard of Luis Buñuel.  Aside from true cineastes, few have, and that’s one of the cinema’s great sorrows.  This lacerating satire from master surrealist Buñuel represents the peak of his Mexican output, a truly majestically silly but somehow essential attack on all things sacred. (more…)

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