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Guess the pic

and bang on cue, here’s Jamie’s pic…


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Guess the pic…

from David van Poppel


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by Allan Fish

(Sweden 1968 104m) DVD1/2

Aka. Skammen

Apocalypse Ingmar

p  Lars-Owe Carlberg  d/w  Ingmar Bergman  ph  Sven Nykvist  ed  Ulla Rhyge  art  P.A.Lundgren

Max Von Sydow (Jan Rosenberg), Liv Ullmann (Eva Rosenberg), Gunnar Björnstrand (Col.Jacobi), Sigge Fürst (Filip), Birgitta Valberg (Mrs Jacobi), Hans Alfredson (Lobelius),

Though many might disagree, to me the most symbolic sequence in Ingmar Bergman’s late sixties masterpiece is the opening scene.  In it we see Liv Ullmann rise from her bed, open the curtains, let in the sunlight and go to put the breakfast on and wash up.  What’s so important about that?  Well, everything, symbolically.  When she gets up her pyjama top is open so that her naked breasts are seen and assumedly quite unnecessarily.  It is only when the sunlight is let in that we can see this, as if the sun and, in this case, the outside world, is intruding on their paradise.  Yet though she is hiding nothing, her husband is still hidden under the bedclothes and his pyjamas are fully buttoned.  This man is symbolically most definitely hiding something.  From here the story, about two concert violinists who have retreated to a remote island to escape a horrendous Civil War, starts to descend into an altogether darker place. (more…)

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