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by Sam Juliano

“Ain’t Misbehavin”, which raised eyebrows after winning the Tony Award for Best Musical of 1978, is innately a musical revival of the works of celebrated jazz pianist Fats Waller (1904-43).  The show can justifiably be defined as a musical revue, with song after song evincing a complete immersion into a less complicated time when every little woe, complaint and joy was most eloquently expressed with a ditty.  The show is actually wall to wall music and dancing, with comedy fused to the bones of the lyrics and choreography.  Every song is a brief but grand performance piece all its own, with colorful characters and attitude galore.  The show’s musical direction take the audience into swinging dance halls, down to Dixieland, stops briefly to a case of the delta blues and comes back again to rejoin the bump and grind of the neighborhood gin joint.   Some voters have maintained that this category belongs to ‘book’ musicals, yet so much of Waller’s stylistic individuality–scintillating jazz melodies, playfully bawdy lyrics, felicitous spirits–is evident in this compilation that it’s a better reflection of the late musician’s personality than a conventional bio-musical could deliver. (more…)

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by Allan Fish

(France/Italy/Spain 1967 101m) DVD1/2

Only in the afternoons

p  Robert Hakim, Raymond Hakim  d  Luis Buñuel  w  Luis Buñuel, Jean-Claude Carrière  novel  Joseph Kessel  ph  Sacha Vierny  ed  Louisette Hautecoeur, Walyer Spohr  art  Robert Clavel  cos  Yves Saint-Laurent

Catherine Deneuve (Sevèrine Serizy), Jean Sorel (Pierre Serizy), Michel Piccoli (Henri Husson), Geneviève Page (Madame Anais), Françoise Fabian (Charlotte), Pierre Clementi (Marcel), Francisco Rabal (Hippolyte),

A horse and carriage move towards the camera through a row of autumnal trees.  A man talks to his wife, but suddenly he orders the carriage stopped and roughly drags his wife from the carriage.  He then orders his two coachmen to take her into the woods, where they tie her to a rope hanging from a tree.  Tearing the back off her dress and unfastening her bra, they begin to whip her, until the man orders them to stop and tells them that they can have their way with her.  From this Sade-like beginning we cut to the same woman sitting upright in bed awaiting her husband. (more…)

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