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by Sam Juliano

     Our dear Jon Lanthier, who is one of WitD’s most loyal and gifted contributors hit it big yesterday, as his Slant Magazine review for the film Pressure Cooker, was used in the film’s promotional add.  Lanthier’s positive quote–“Breathtaking equal opportunity in its search for human poetry” was splashed between quotes by veteran critics V.A. Mussetto of The New York Post and David Denby of New York Magazine.  Lanthier, whose reviews appear on Slant’s pages, and at his “The Powership” blog, is a supremely gifted young man whose writing and insights are at the highest level of scrutiny, and his analytical skills are remarkable, especially for a man so young.

     Wonders in the Dark is extremely proud of what Jon has accomplished and we wish him continued success as his name becomes a standard in the world of film criticism.words of praise issued by critics of The New York Post and New York Magazine.  This honor, frankly could not have happened to a nicer and more talented guy, and it’s further proof of Slant Magazine’s pre-eminence in the world of cinema, and it’s talented publisher-critic, Ed Gonzalez.   The site is extremely proud of Jon and this terrific acknowledgement.




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