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by Allan Fish

This only came to my attention today, being snowed under with viewing left, right and the proverbial centre.  But I implore, urge, and generally press gang in the fashion of Clark Gable on Eddie Quillan in 1935 (or 1789) to go to this site…


They are an organisation worthy of our and anyone’s support.  I quote Martin Scorsese’s Foreward on the title page…

I am proud to present this first line-up of films restored with the aid of the World Cinema Foundation. We launched the foundation in 2007 with the goal of restoring and preserving neglected films from around the world. We also understood, very quickly, that we needed to help create awareness of the films, to get them known and seen. That’s why we entered into a partnership with The Auteurs.

The diversity of these pictures reflects the foundation and all it stands for, but it also reflects world cinema itself, and the richness to be found in the lost corners of cinema history.

These films were made at different moments in history, under a variety of circumstances, all across the globe. Each title needed attention and care. I’m glad that the World Cinema Foundation was able to help with their restoration and preservation. Each and every title is precious to me, and my hope is that a viewing on this website will lead you to seek out screenings of these pictures or perhaps DVDs as they appear. They don’t deserve to be kept a secret. They deserve to be known.

I can only echo Martin Scorsese in saying that the films they are currently pushing for DVD release are essential.  The 1960 Korean film Hanyo (The Housemaid) in particular was a film that I wanted to see for many, many a long year, and it’s thoroughly deserving of its reputation.  Be aware these films are not available for download, but for free viewing, but that’s as it should be.  Take advantage of this and save some reddies for the necessary purchases of several of their films over the upcoming years.

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