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     The 70’s poll is officially launched today.  Voters can submit their Top 25 ballots along with runners-ups by clicking on ‘Best Films of the 1970’s” tab over the site banner at the top of the page.  As is my custom, I will be forwarding my own list there later today, which will be the required Top 25 as well as an extended 26 to 50.  Of course, as always only the Top 25 will be alloted points in the tabulation, which will be closely monitored by Voting Tabulator Extraordinaire Angelo A. D’Arminio Jr.  The poll will run until the first week of August.

     Those wanting to beat me to the punch, go in there as soon as possible and present your lists as mine will go up soon.    -Sam

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 by Allan Fish

Here we go again, guys, another decade where I will offer my best films of the 1970s knowing fine well some will never be heard of and that the chances of my choices being replicated in the poll are somewhat thinner than Calista Flockhart at the height of Ally McBeal.

Never mind, like Canute, I will try to hold back the tide against mediocrity…here’s the nearlies…

51 My Childhood (UK 1972…Bill Douglas)
52 Monty Python’s Life of Brian (UK 1979…Terry Jones)
53 One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (US 1975…Milos Forman)
54 Picnic at Hanging Rock (Australia 1975…Peter Weir)
55 The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie (France 1972…Luis Buñuel)
56 Cabaret (US 1972…Bob Fosse)
57 Love (Hungary 1971…Karoly Makk)
58 The Marriage of Maria Braun (West Germany 1978…Rainer Werner Fassbinder)
59 The Wicker Man: the director’s cut (UK 1973/1990…Robin Hardy)
60 King Lear (USSR 1970…Grigori Kozintsev)
61 Badlands (US 1973…Terrence Malick)
62 Alien: director’s cut (UK 1979/2001…Ridley Scott)
63 Five Easy Pieces (US 1970…Bob Rafelson)
64 Man of Marble (Poland 1977…Andrzej Wajda)
65 All the President’s Men (US 1976…Alan J.Pakula)
66 Aguirre, Wrath of God (West Germany 1972…Werner Herzog)
67 Macbeth (UK 1971…Roman Polanski)
68 The Conversation (US 1974…Francis Ford Coppola)
69 Red Psalm (Hungary 1971…Miklós Jancsó)
70 Kings of the Road (West Germany 1976…Wim Wenders)
71 Killer of Sheep (US 1977…Charles Burnett)
72 Last Tango in Paris (Italy/France 1972…Bernardo Bertolucci)
73 The Tin Drum (West Germany 1979…Volker Schlondorff)
74 Network (US 1976…Sidney Lumet)
75 The Garden of the Finzi Continis (Italy 1970…Vittorio de Sica)
76 The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith (Australia 1978…Fred Schepisi)
77 M*A*S*H (US 1970…Robert Altman)
78 1900 (Italy 1976…Bernardo Bertolucci)
79 Lancelot du Lac (France 1974…Robert Bresson)
80 Walkabout (Australia 1971…Nicolas Roeg)
81 Siberiade (USSR 1979…Andrei Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky)
82 The Memory of Justice (US 1976…Marcel Ophuls)
83 Lacombe, Lucien (France 1974…Louis Malle)
84 Daughters of Darkness (Belgium 1970…Harry Kumel)
85 La Bête (France 1975…Walerian Borowczyk)
86 Solaris (USSR 1972…Andrei Tarkovsky)
87 Jaws (US 1975…Steven Spielberg)
88 Don Giovanni (Italy/West Germany/UK 1979…Joseph Losey)
89 Mean Streets (US 1973…Martin Scorsese)
90 Pennies from Heaven (UK 1978…Piers Haggard) TV
91 Szindbád (Hungary 1971…Zoltán Huszárik)
92 The Age of Cosimo de Medici (Italy 1972…Roberto Rossellini) TV
93 Young Frankenstein (US 1974…Mel Brooks)
94 Tristana (Spain/France 1970…Luis Buñuel)
95 Ecstasy of the Angels (Japan 1972…Koji Wakamatsu)
96 Klute (US 1971…Alan J.Pakula)
97 WR: The Mysteries of the Organism (Yugoslavia 1971…Dusan Makavejev)
98 Female Prisoner #701: Scorpion (Japan 1971…Shunya Ito)
99 Days of Heaven (US 1978…Terrence Malick)
100 The Woman With Red Hair (Japan 1979…Tatsumi Kumashiro)

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