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mihai viteazul 1

by Allan Fish

(Romania 1970 217m) DVD2 (Romania only)

Aka. Michael the Brave

Prince of Wallachia

p  Sergiu Nicoleascu  d  Sergiu Nicolaescu  w  Titus Popovici  ph  Mircea George Cornea  ed  Yolanda Mintolescu  m  Tiberiu Olah  art  Zoltán Szabó, Nicolae Teodoru  cos  Hortensia Georgescu, Mircia Milcovici 

Amza Pellea (Mihai Viteazul), Ion Besoiu (Sigismund Bathory), Olga Tudorache (Mama lui Mihai Viteazul), Irina Gardescu (Contessina Rossana Viventini), György Kovács (Andrei Bathory), Sergiu Nicolaescu (Selim Pasa), Nicolae Secareanu (Sinan Pasa), Ilarion Ciobanu (Stroe Buzescu), Aurel Rogalschi (Rudolf II), Ioana Bulca (Doamna Stanca), Septimiu Sever (Radu Buzescu),

A sequence from this of all films is seen on TV in Spielberg’s E.T., a film that probably 99% of the millions who saw Spielberg’s film will never have seen or known of.  Even now, the best part of two decades later, the film is barely known outside its native land and only exists on DVD courtesy of a thankfully English subtitled release there.  This is a film that is historic in every sense, a film that not only is a monumental achievement as a historical, nationalist epic, but also in the history of film craft.  A film that was influenced by so many that went before and which influenced in turn equally as many after.

            The story is told in two parts, and details the brief reign of Wallachian prince Mihai (Michael) and his attempts to unite the Romanian lands of Wallachia, Moldavia and Transylvania.  It begins in the early 1590s with the locals paying lip service to the ruling Ottoman Turks, and it’s to them Mihai is indebted to gain his titles, but he soon evokes a nationalist fervour and denounces the Turks and declares war on them.  He defeats them at the Battle of Calugareni, but then has to face insurrection from the treacherous Bathory (of Elisabeth fame) family from the Hungarian part of Transylvania.  (more…)

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