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pat garrett

by Allan Fish

(USA 1973/1988 126m) DVD1/2

Having your name spelt right in the papers

p  Gordon Carroll  d  Sam Peckinpah  w  Rudolph Wurlitzer  ph  John Coquillon  ed  Roger Spottiswoode, Garth Craven, Robert Wolfe, Richard Halsey, David Berlatsky, Tony de Zarraga  m  Bob Dylan  art  Ted Haworth

James Coburn (Pat Garrett), Kris Kristofferson (Billy the Kid), Bob Dylan (Alias), Richard Jaeckel (Sheriff Kip McKinney), Katy Jurado (Mrs Baker), Slim Pickens (Sheriff Colin Baker), Chill Wills (Lemuel), Jason Robards Jnr (Gov.Lew Wallace), Elisha Cook Jnr (Cody), Jack Elam (Alamosa Bill), Harry Dean Stanton (Luke), L.Q.Jones (Black Harris), Dub Taylor (Josh), Emilio Fernandez (Paco), Barry Sullivan (John Chisum),

Upon the film’s original release in 1973, the story goes, according to Kris Kristofferson, that Peckinpah urinated on the screen to show his contempt for what the studio had done to what he had intended to be his masterpiece.  I remember myself watching that version of the film, running some 106 minutes or so, and finding it a bit of a mess, with brilliant scenes peering out from under the rubble.  Finally, in the late eighties, the film was restored to something like Peckinpah’s original vision and was acclaimed, by his fans, as the homecoming of a prodigal son and instantly proclaimed as one of his great films and, possibly, his defining statement of the old west.  Why then, when they finally released it to DVD, did they see fit to remove the most crucial footage in the film?  (more…)

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