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by Allan Fish

(Belgium/France 1975 201m) DVD1/2 (Belgium only)

Aka. Jeanne Dielman

Those darn potatoes

p  Corinne Jénat, Evelyne Paul  d/w  Chantal Akerman  ph  Babette Mangolte  ed  Patricia Canino  art  Philippe Graff

Delphine Seyrig (Jeanne Dielman), Jan Decorte, (Sylvain Dielman) Henri Storck (1st caller), Yves Bical (3rd caller), Jacques Doniol-Valcroze (2nd caller), Chantal Akerman (neighbour – voice),

This list of mini-essays is supposed to cover the history of the moving image; large screen, small screen, wide screen and standard screen; silent, talkie, English language and foreign language.  Of all the works put forward, few can be seen as more problematic than Chantal Akerman’s seminal feminist work of the seventies.  There is no other work listed within – at least no work made after 1915 – that is actually a non-moving picture.  In short, the camera never moves, and remains static for its full three hour plus duration.  More than that, even the action itself could be seen as tending towards inertia.  Yet that in itself is precisely the point. (more…)

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