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straw dogs 1

by Allan Fish

(UK 1971 118m) DVD1/2

Some men goes for women

p  Daniel Melnick  d  Sam Peckinpah  w  David Zelag Goodman, Sam Peckinpah  novel  “The Siege of Trencher’s Farm” by Gordon M.Williams  ph  John Coquillon  ed  Paul Davies, Roger Spottiswoode, Tony Lawson  m  Jerry Fielding  art  Ray Simm, Ken Bridgemann  cos  Tiny Nicholls

Dustin Hoffman (David Sumner), Susan George (Amy Sumner), David Warner (Henry Niles), Peter Vaughan (Tom Hedden), Del Henney (Charlie Venner), Ken Hutchison (Scutt), T.P.McKenna (Maj.Scott), Colin Welland (Rev.Hood), Sally Thomsett (Janice), Jim Norton (Cawsey), Peter Arne, Donald Webster,

Head in a mantrap anyone?  I didn’t think so.  Here’s a film that must really have proved popular with the Cornish tourist board.  Straw Dogs is undoubtedly a film for very strong stomachs, but also one for people with thoughtful minds.  Anyone who sees it as merely an exercise in machismo and violence, sexual and otherwise, are totally missing the point in an alarming way.  At its heart, Peckinpah saw this as an Anglo western, with the homesteaders fighting off cattle barons replaced by a young couple fighting off angry villagers.  It’s a film that provokes an angry response, not just from its central protagonists, but from the audience. 

            Amy Sumner is returning home to her Cornish village to Trencher’s Farm with her American husband, David, a mathematics professor who wants a peaceful climate in which to write a treatise.  At first they are accepted into the community, but Amy’s ex, Charlie, contrives to get David out of the way so that he can rape Amy and, when local mental case Henry Niles accidentally murders a young girl and David steps in to protect him from the angry mob, they besiege his house in a fight to the death. (more…)

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