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nashville 1

by Allan Fish

(USA 1975 161m) DVD1

We must be doing something right to last 200 years

p  Robert Altman  d  Robert Altman  w  Joan Tewkesbury  ph  Paul Lohmann  ed  Sidney Levin, Dennis M.Hill  md  Richard Baskin  art  uncredited

Geraldine Chaplin (Opal), David Arkin (Norman Chauffeur), Barbara Baxley (Lady Pearl), Ned Beatty (Delbert Reese), Karen Black (Connie White), Keith Carradine (Tom Frank), Henry Gibson (Haven Hamilton), Keenan Wynn (Mr Green), Lily Tomlin (Linnea Reese), Ronée Blakely (Barbara Jean), Shelley Duvall (L.A.Joan), Allen Garfield (Barnett), Jeff Goldblum (tricycle man), Barbara Harris (Albuquerque), Michael Murphy (John Triplette), Gwen Welles (Sueleen Gay), Scott Glenn (Pte.Glenn Kelly), Christina Raines (Mary), Elliott Gould (himself), Julie Christie (herself),

So goes the opening song sung by egotistical Henry Gibson in Altman’s multi-layered mosaic of seventies America and it’s amazing how many critics have pointed that phrase out as key to the film’s understanding.  Produced just in time for the American bicentennial it’s certainly apt in that way, but the very idea of longevity breeding right is not only pretentious but naïve (after all, how right would that make China, Egypt and Rome?).  However, his story, which is roughly based on the idea of a concert held in support of a presidential political rally ending in tragedy, is the merest framework for its twenty plus characters to weave their individual tales.  (more…)

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