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les deux ang 1

by Allan Fish

(France 1971 132m) DVD1/2

Aka. Anne and Muriel/Two English Girls

I am a puritan in love

p  Marcel Berbert, Claude Miller  d  François Truffaut  w  Jean Gruault, François Truffaut  novel  Henri-Pierre Roche  ph  Nestor Almendros  ed  Yann Deder  m  Georges Delerue  art  Michel de Broin  cos  Gitt Magrini

Jean-Pierre Léaud (Claude Roc), Stacey Tendeter (Muriel Brown), Kika Markham (Anne Brown), Sylvia Marriott (Mrs Brown), Marie Mansart (Madame Roc), Philippe Léotard (Diurka), Irene Tunc (Ruta), Mark Peterson (Mr Flint), David Markham (palmist), Georges Delerue (Claude’s agent),

There’s quite a sadness to be felt at the thought of how François Truffaut is perceived by the average person of my generation who calls themselves a film buff.  If asked about Truffaut’s contribution to the cinema, they would very likely mention his performance as the scientist in Spielberg’s Close Encounters.  Forgive me for saying this, but that’s like saying Orson Welles should be remembered for appearing in whisky commercials.  That cameo came late in Truffaut’s career, with for me all his great films as a director behind him.  And though Les Quatre Cents Coups and Jules et Jim are definite masterpieces of cinema to be covered later in this list, Deux Anglaises is his greatest and richest film.  Like Jules, it’s based on a novel by Henri-Pierre Roche, and concerns a romantic ménage à trois in the early years of the century, but this time between two women and a man.

            Claude Roc is sent for a holiday with his mother’s friend in Wales, where he encounters her two daughters, Anne and Muriel, having met the former in Paris.  Over the following weeks, he becomes intoxicated by their presence and realises they are destined to play a large part in each other’s lives.  But does he prefer the more open Anne or the staid, puritanical Muriel, who reserves her emotions behind dark glasses? (more…)

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