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don't look now 1

by Allan Fish

(UK 1973 110m) DVD1/2

What is it you fear?

p  Peter Katz  d  Nicolas Roeg  w  Allan Scott, Chris Bryant  story  Daphne du Maurier  ph  Anthony Richmond  ed  Graeme Clifford  m  Pino Donaggio  art  Giovanni Soccol 

Donald Sutherland (John Baxter), Julie Christie (Laura Baxter), Hilary Mason (Heather), Celia Matriana (Wendy), Massimo Serrato (Bishop), David Tree (Anthony Babbage), Leopoldo Trieste (Hotelier), Renato Scarpa (Inspector Longhi), Giorgio Trestini (Workman), Ann Rye (Mandy Babbage), Adelina Poerio (Dwarf),

So Donald Sutherland is asked by the police inspector he visits when looking for help in tracking down his wife who he believes has returned to Venice.  His answer should perhaps be “the unknown”, for it is into this unknown that he finds himself drawn inexorably right up until the shocking finale.  Nothing is what it seems here, all emotions and factors that one takes to be as immovable as the pyramids (love, time, death) are anything but.  Many of Roeg’s films delve into the darker areas of the mystic and hint at almost otherworldliness (one thinks especially of the outback in Walkabout), but Don’t Look Now is his masterpiece and arguably the best British film of its decade. 

            Following the drowning of their small daughter, a couple meet two old sisters in Venice (where the husband is restoring a medieval church) who claim to able to speak to the girl in the next world.  The wife becomes interested, the husband suspicious, but he keeps repeatedly seeing a red-coated little figure walking the wintry alleys by the canals. (more…)

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