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by Allan Fish

(West Germany 1973 205m) not on DVD

Aka. Welt am Draht 

Wo ist Güenther Lause?

p  Peter Marthesheimer, Alexander Wesseman  d  Rainer Werner Fassbinder  w  Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Fritz Müller Scherz  novel  Daniel F.Galouve  ph  Michael Ballhaus, Ulrich Prinz  ed  Ursula Elles, Marie Anne Gerhardt  m  Gottfried Hünsberg  art  Horst Giese, Walter Koch, Kurt Raab

Klaus Löwitsch (Fred Stiller), Barbara Valentin (Gloria Fromm), Mascha Rabben (Eva Vollmer), Gunther Lamprecht (Fritz), Gottfried John (Einstein), Wolfgang Schenck (Franz Hahn), Karl Heinz Vosgerau (Herbert Siskins), Ulli Lommel (Rupp), Ivan Desny (Güenther Lause), Adrian Hoven (Henry Vollmer), Margit Carstensen (Maya Schmidt-Gentner), Joachim Hansen (Hans Edelkern),

Not only the forgotten masterpiece of screen science-fiction but one of the forgotten masterpieces of the screen in any genre, Fassbinder’s adaptation of Galouve’s novel is like the ultimate cinematic Kafka, a science-fiction epic which hardly any of the trappings of the genre.  We assume it’s set in the future, but aside from the technology we take for granted and a few novelties like video phones, we could just as easily be in the 1970s.  (more…)

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