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by Sam Juliano

A record number of ballots were submitted over the eight-week duration of the 1970’s polling conducted here at Wonders in the Dark, and Voting Tabulator Extraordinaire Angelo A. D’Arminio (the site’s own version of Price Waterhouse) is set to tabulate the 45 submitted lists over the upcoming days. Once again, the results reflected the dual sensibilities of the voting electorate, with a seemingly equal number of ballots favoring the foreign language and eclectic works, while the other half accentuating th emore commercial titles. Several ballots divided these two leanings.
While Allan Fish’s superlative countdown provided a number of voters with added incentive for including films off the radar, many voters rightfully acknowledged their own cinematic sensibilities and/or lifelong favorites.
The 1970’s poll marks the first time of the four decades covered at the site thus far, where the outcome at the top has been in little doubt from the moment the initial ballots were cast. But I’ll leave it at that.
The results are expected to be unveiled over the weekend, and on Monday it is expected that the 80’s poll will officially commence with Allan’s list of 51 to 100 “nearlies” to be posted on a separate thread. Those eager to submit their 80’s list can do so on Monday on the ‘Films of the 80’s’ tab over the site header.
In behalf of Allan Fish, Tony d’Ambra and Joel Bocko I’d like to thank all those around the world for making this latest venture a resounding success.

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