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by Sam Juliano
     Francis Ford Coppola’s great American epic of organized crime and the machinations of the Corleone family, captured the top two spots in the 1970’s poll by the biggest landslide of any contest to date.  The second part, Godfather 2, came in first place, edging out the first film by a vote total of 652 to 627.  Some voters argued that the second film had even more depth than th efirst, and pointed to the segments with Robert De Niro’s coming-of-age as Vito Corleone as the most fascinating of all the story threads in the full epic.  The ascendency of Michael Corleone to the head of the family, and his increased ruthlessness further embellished what may be the most famous two part film in the history of film.  Few polls conducted on the net or in other publications have failed to annoint these films at the top, regardless of which placed first.  The film received support from both the art house lovers and the most commercially conscious voters, demonstrating astounding cross-over appeal.  Ingmar Bergman’s Cries and Whispers finished third with 439 points, Peter Bogdonovich’s The Last Picture Show placed fourth with 435, and Taxi Driver took fifth, edging out A Clockwork Orange, 424 to 420.  A total of 45 ballots were cast, the most ever for any poll thus far.
    The Top 25 Films of the 1970’s
1  The Godfather Part II   (Coppola)         652

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