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by Sam Juliano

     Wonders in the Dark regulars Jamie Uhler and David Scheicher of The Schleicher Spin have come in with effusive praise on Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds, which I saw yesterday.  While I remain disturbed by the sadistic violence and sustained boredom of the film, I respect the majority of critics and both Jamie, David, and our good friends Dorothy Porker of ITG and Craig Kennedy of LIC and Ari of The Aspect Ratio, all of whom really were impressed by Tarantino’s long-anticipated late-summer release.  While I will make mention of the film on the Monday Morning Diary, I won’t be able to write a full review, as I have been very busy with the Film Forum Brit Noir Festival (where I will be going a few minutes from now) and the special review series of 80’s cinema.

      Mr. Uhler says this about the film:  

“Yes, I was taken by this film. It seems to me to say so much about loving movies, and the movie going experience.

It’s also incredibly interesting as ‘film as wish fulfillment’, or a film working on an entire cultures desires. That, to me, is an incredibly interesting idea. When Eli Roth, who’s Jewish, absolutely destroys Hilters face you understand how incredibly cathartic film (and art) can be for the maker, or for the audience. seeing this with others is most important.”

David Schleicher’s full review is here:


     Although I won’t be here to comment tonight, anyone who has seen the film and would like to share their views, or others who may want to talk about Tarantino, please impart your insights on the thread.  I am really hoping to hear from Bob Clark.  Thank You.

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scarface 1

by Allan Fish

(USA 1983 170m) DVD1/2

Say hello to my little friend 

p  Martin Bregman, Peter Saphier  d  Brian de Palma  w  Oliver Stone  ph  John A.Alonzo  ed  Jerry Greenberg, David Ray  m  Giorgio Moroder  art  Ed Richards  cos  Patricia Norris

Al Pacino (Tony Montana), Michelle Pfeiffer (Elvira Hancock), Steven Bauer (Manny Ribera), Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio (Gina Montana), Robert Loggia (Frank Lopez), F.Murray Abraham (Omar Suarez), Miriam Colon (Mama Montana), Paul Shenar (Alejandro Sosar), Harris Yulin (Mel Bernstein), Al Israel (Hector the Toad), Pepe Serna (Angel),

Is there any more mimicked character in movies of the last thirty years than Tony Montana?  Travis Bickle, Vincent Vega, Tyler Durden, you can have ‘em all.  Montana still seems to thousands of viewers the epitome of cool.  It was a cool born out of not the original cinema run, but out of endless VHS viewings through the eighties and into the early nineties, often of panned and scanned prints that mutilated de Palma’s mise-en-scène, but made the violence more up close and personal.  Ten years before his Natural Born Killers made another comment on the adulation of crime in the American media, Oliver Stone, in his last major writing assignment before turning to directing, had already made a defining statement on the subject.  And just as with NBK, the film divided critics; as many praising it for its almost operatic extravagance as hating it for its o.t.t. histrionics and bloated running time.  The Hawks original is undoubtedly the better movie, but de Palma’s film – his best, in my opinion – just doesn’t know when to go away, grinds you down with its sheer vicious power and overt megalomania.  (more…)

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