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big red one 1

(USA 1980/2004 163m) DVD1/2

Damned wetnoses!

p  Gene Corman  d/w  Samuel Fuller  ph  Adam Greenberg  ed  Morton Tubor  m  Dana Kaproff  art  Peter Jamison

Lee Marvin (Sergeant), Mark Hamill (Griff), Robert Carradine (Zab), Kelly Ward (Johnson), Bobby DiCicco (Vinci), Siegfried Rauch (Schroeder), Stéphane Audran (Walloon), Serge Marquand (Ransonnet), Alain Douley (Broban), Charles Macaulay (General),

Of the various director cameos in the work of Jean-Luc Godard, one stands out above all; that of Samuel Fuller in Pierrot le Fou.  At a random party, populated by pseudo-intellectuals and topless women, Jean-Paul Belmondo’s character asks Fuller, smoking his surgically attached stogie, what his definition of cinema is.  After a moment’s thought, Fuller replies “a film is like a battleground; love, hate, action, violence, death.  In one word, emotion.”  Never was that truer than here, in Fuller’s labour of love from 1980.  This film literally is a battleground, and a very personal one, as it charts the story, give or take a few liberties, of Fuller’s own tour of duty in World War II in the First Infantry Division, marked by the titular red insignia.  (more…)

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