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by Sam Juliano

     Wonders in the Dark loyalist and good friend Jason Giampietro has dug up an old video of Oscar Night 2000, held at my 7 Spruce Street, Fairview, New Jersey home and has posted it at You Tube.  I must admit I was embarassed to see this, as I was 60 pounds heavier at that time, and I was shown here grotesquely bare-chested.  Yes, I am the deliriously pompous fool who did all the talking here.  Dennis Polifroni, who sported blond hair back then is prominently displayed, and another site poster, Jack Marsh is also seen and heard here comprehensively.  For those curious to see and hear how silly some of us acted on this annual night of infamy, and for those wanting some laughs check this out.  I hope I’ll still have friends after this:


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A preview of coming attractions for the fall, with the focus on the directors behind the camera…

Though the season does not officially begin until September 22, one doesn’t need the equinox to know autumn’s in the air. Every year, like clockwork around Labor Day, a breeze picks up, the air grows cooler, and one begins to detect a slight browning or yellowing on the edges of the still lushly green leaves. As the station wagon is packed one last time, the children cast melancholy glances at the twilit beach, to be abandoned for schoolbooks in a matter of hours. Yet with the shuffling off of lazy summer days, a new sense of purpose wafts in the air as well.

School may be dreaded, but aren’t some of the kids eager to see what their classmates are up to now, perhaps to trade in half-ripped T shirts and worn-down tennis shoes for something sharper, maybe even to sneak fresh glances at the cute girl who sits in front of them in homeroom? Fall brings with it a new sense of purpose, and along with renewed social acquaintances, fresh outfits, and a brisker atmosphere, the season arrives with the promise of good movies. The taste of summer popcorn has grown stale, and the eyes and ears hunger for something a bit more substantial. (more…)

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(UK 1982 301m) DVD2


p  Michael Wearing  d  Philip Saville  w  Alan Bleasdale  ph  Keith Salmon, Brian Cave, Paul Woolston, John Kenway (and others)  ed  Mike Bloore, Greg Miller  m  Ilona Sekacz  art  David Attwood, Andrew Smith

Bernard Hill (“Yosser” Hughes), Michael Angelis (“Chrissie” Todd), Tom Georgeson (“Dixie” Dean), Julie Walters (Angie Todd), Alan Igbon (Loggo Logmond), Peter Kerrigan (George Malone), Gary Bleasdale (Kevin Dean), Tony Haygarth (Aitch), Paul Barber (Scotty), Jean Boht (Miss Sutcliffe), David Ross (Donald Moss), Chris Darwin (Snowy Malone), Clive Russell, Andrew Schofield, Ricky Tomlinson,

Oh, you can talk about the concrete and the boys who work the train, and the fellas in the hopper in the sun and wind and rain, but the boys who work the black stuff, sure they’re really rough and tough, when they’re working on the highway laying the old black stuff.”  The words of the opening song to the 1978 play The Black Stuff introduced us to the characters who, four years later, would really grow into the public consciousness in the serial masterpiece, Boys from the Blackstuff.  (more…)

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