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     Who is Ric Burke, otherwise known as “Ibetolis”?  He’s a tireless British blogger who runs a site called Film from the Soul, which is by now a well-known cinematic oasis in the blogosphere.  Burke and his equally zealous movie-loving colleague, “J.D.” of Radiator Heaven brought film bloggers the most auspicious project yet seen on the net, a project that ran for over nine months and covered the period between 2000 to 2004.  Burke planned to run the project all the way through 2009, but it was a time-consuming affair that made the married man a slave to his computer.  What he managed to accomplish in nine months was something that no other blogger could have even imagined, much less pull off. 

     The effervescent Burke, a real sweetheart of a guy, enlisted the cooperation of some of the net’s finest writers including our own Joel Bocko (who submitted a review on a Peter Sellers documentary for one of the last entries) Alexander Coleman, Pat Perry, Marilyn Ferdinand, Daniel Getahun, Rick Olson, Tony Dayoub and numerous others.  I submitted three reviews myself to the project, and Allan also forwarded one.

     By Ric’s own admission, the most prolific contributor to the project, unsurprisingly is that review-writing-machine, our very good friend Kevin J. Olson of Hugo Stiglitz Makes Movies.  Ric admitted that having the ever-reliable Kevin and J.D. on hand was one of the project’s most special pleasures.

     What Ric Burke has accomplished, meeting daily deadlines day after day, week after week and month after month is something that deserves a prize in the blogosphere.  As it is right now all we can do is offer thanks to the man, for what surely will be a project that has been unmatched, and one that will stand into the future as the model of dedication and commitment.  Take ten bows Ric.  You deserve it.

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