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metro 1

(USA 1990 99m) DVD1/2

Urban Haute Bourgeoisie

p  Whit Stillman  d/w  Whit Stillman  ph  John Thomas  ed  Christopher Tellefsen  m  Mark Suozzo, Tom Judson  cos  Mary Jane Fort

Edward Clements (Tom Townsend), Carolyn Farina (Audrey Rouget), Taylor Nichols (Charlie Black), Christopher Eigeman (Nick Smith), Alison Rutledge-Parisi (Jane Clarke), Bryan Leder (Fred Neff), Isabel Gillies (Cynthia McLean), Dylan Hundley (Sally Fowler), Will Kempe (Rick Von Sloneker), Elizabeth Thompson (Serena Slocum),

Again, welcome to the domain of personal favouritism.  Few people would include Whit Stillman’s delicious debut in their own best film lists, a massive proportion indeed would not only never have seen or heard of it, but would never watch it even if they knew of its existence.  Metropolitan is, in every sense, a throwback.  Not just to Woody Allen at his most intellectual, but farther back to the razor sharp social analysis of F.Scott Fitzgerald and wit of Philip Barry.  The biggest influence, however, as noted by many critics, must be Jane Austen.  Indeed, I would go as far as to say that this is better than any Austen film made yet.  Many critics might go as far as to say that, if Jane Austen was alive today, she would be writing film scripts.  Yet Austen’s talent was not only inseparable from her period, but also too literary to make a career writing scripts in the 21st century, where wit and delicacy are regarded as extinct.  I will say this, though, that if she was to take a trip in Doc Brown’s De Lorean she would rather enjoy sitting down to this film. (more…)

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