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boogie 1

(USA 1997 156m) DVD1/2

That is a giant cock!

p  Lloyd Levin, Paul Thomas Anderson, John Lyons, Joanne Sellar  d/w  Paul Thomas Anderson  ph  Robert Elswit  ed  Dylan Tichenor  m  Toby Emmerich  art  Bob Ziembicki  cos  Mark Bridges

Mark Wahlberg (Eddie Adams/Dirk Diggler), Burt Reynolds (Jack Horner), Julianne Moore (Amber Weeks), John C.Reilly (Reed Rothchild), Don Cheadle (Buck Shore), Heather Graham (Rollergirl), Luis Guzman (Maurice Rodriquez), Philip Seymour Hoffman (Scotty J.), William H.Macy (Little Bill), Alfred Molina (Rehad Jackson), Philip Baker Hall (Floyd Gondolli), Ricky Jay (Kurt Longjohn), Robert Ridgely (Colonel James), Nicole Ari Parker (Becky Barnett), Melora Walters (Jessie St Urgent),

Looking back a decade or so on, and pausing briefly to shake the cranium and murmur tempus fugit, Boogie Nights looks more and more like a seminal nineties movie, yet unlike say Pulp Fiction or Fight Club it’s a period piece.  It’s rather Anderson’s confidence, nay audacity, to do things with the camera that hadn’t been done before so that, when inferiors rip him off, writers discuss their use of ‘Anderson’ shots. 

            Eddie Adams is a seventeen year old bus boy who wants to make it big.  The only part of him that is big – thirteen inches to be precise – is his penis, and it doesn’t take long for porn king Jack Horner to pick up on it and, with the help of his lover/star Amber Waves and live-in starlet Rollergirl – named because she never takes off her skates – inveigles Eddie into their world and set out to make him a star of late seventies porn under the name, suggested by Eddie, of Dirk Diggler. (more…)

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