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girl on the bridge 1

(France 1999 92m) DVD2

Aka. La Fille sur le Pont

Right now.  Anywhere.

Christian Fechner  d  Patrice Leconte  w  Serge Frydman  ph  Jean-Marie Dreujou  ed  Joëlle Hache  Benny Goodman, Angelo Badalamenti, Gordon Jenkins, Brenda Lee, Marianne Faithfull (and others)  art  Ivan Maussion  cos  Annie Périer

Daniel Auteuil (Gabor), Vanessa Paradis (Adèle), Demetre Georgalas (Takis), Isabelle Petit-Jacques (the bride), Frederic Pfluger (contortionist), Bertie Cortez, Nicola Donato,

It’s not without a certain trepidation that I begin this piece, for in truth trying to capture the reasons for the inclusion of Patrice Leconte’s piece is a very tricky thing.  The fact is that it’s very difficult to pin down the reasons why I like it so much.  If you look the film up in any film guide or any internet review site you will find that many reviewers will say that the film is primarily for extreme romantics.  I don’t easily pigeonhole there, in that I’m a supreme anti-romantic.  Others might say that you need to be a real fan of the director and its female star, but that’s only partly true of me.  In the case of Leconte his films of merit (Monsieur Hire, Tango, Ridicule, etc) are outweighed by those of little merit.  As for Paradis, her movie career to this date consisted of pouting in jeans and stripping off at will at sixteen in Noce Blanche and trying to seduce her father, Gérard Depardieu, in Elisa.  All one can say is, destroy all preconceptions, for though Bridge could be described as whimsical, it’s one of the most visually alluring, intoxicating films of the late nineties, an indescribably exotic love affair designed to, and succeeding in, dazzling the senses.  (more…)


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