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unforgiven 1

(USA 1992 131m) DVD1/2

They had it coming

p/d  Clint Eastwood  w  David Webb Peoples  ph  Jack N.Green  ed  Joel Cox  m  Lennie Niehaus  art  Henry Bumstead

Clint Eastwood (William Munny), Gene Hackman (Sheriff “Little Bill” Daggett), Morgan Freeman (Ned Logan), Richard Harris (English Bob), Saul Rubinek (W.W.Beauchamp), Jaimz Woolvett (The Schofield Kid), Frances Fisher (Strawberry Alice), Anna Thomson (Delilah Fitzgerald), David Mucci (Quick Mike),

So the jailhouse chorus sang in Chicago, but the title is even more apt for Eastwood’s stunning revenge western.  Not only does it reinvent the genre in much the same manner as Leone and Peckinpah before him, it reinvents the mythology of the west.  Unforgiven has no decent men, only real men, men aware of their capacity for both good and evil while longing for the simple pleasures retirement can afford. 

            In the Wyoming town of Big Whiskey in around 1880, two cow hands, drunk on whisky, facially disfigure a prostitute and are only fined for the crime.  Hurt by the injustice, the other ladies of the institution band together to offer a reward of $1,000 for anyone who kills the attackers.  Hearing of it, a young gunslinger tries to encourage a retired outlaw to take on the job, and the latter agrees but only if his old partner in crime – also now retired – can come with him. (more…)

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