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Fargo (no 19)

fargo 1

(USA 1996 97m) DVD1/2

The three cent stamp

p  Ethan Coen  d  Joel Coen  w  Joel Coen, Ethan Coen  ph  Roger Deakins  ed  Roderick Jaynes (Joel & Ethan Coen)  m  Carter Burwell  art  Rick Heinrichs

Frances McDormand (Marge Gunderson), William H.Macy (Jerry Lundegaard), Steve Buscemi (Carl Showalter), Peter Stormare (Gaer Grimsrud), Harve Presnell (Wade Gustafson), John Carroll Lynch (Norm Gunderson), Kristin Rudrud (Jean Lundegaard), Tony Denman (Scotty Lundegaard), Bruce Bohne (Lou), Gary Houston, Sally Wingert, Kurt Schweickhardt, Larissa Kokernot, Melissa Peterman, Warren Keith, Steven Reevis,

For true cineastes, the Coen Brothers are a source of constant joy.  They are the one creative team who recall, pay homage to and venerate the old school of Hollywood and are probably the most idiosyncratic film-makers at work today and among the best.  For me, Fargo is their masterpiece (to date) and one of the best American films of the nineties.

            Jerry Lundegaard needs money to finance a proposed parking lot but knows his skinflint but rich father in law hates him and won’t supply the money, so he hires two goons to kidnap his wife, get the father in law to pay the ransom, then use his share to finance the deal.  But the kidnapping goes wrong.  Very wrong.  (more…)

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