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another in the TV classics series

(UK 1996 628m) DVD2

Because tomorrow’s too late

p  Charles Pattinson  d  Pedr James, Simon Cellan Jones, Stuart Urban  w  Peter Flannery  ph  John Daly, Simon Kossoff, John Kenway ed  Greg Miller  m  Colin Towns  art  Rob Hinds

Christopher Eccleston (Nicky Hutchinson), Daniel Craig (Geordie Peacock), Gina McKee (Mary Soulsby), Mark Strong (Tosker Cox), Peter Vaughan (Felix Hutchinson), Freda Dowie (Lorrie Hutchinson), Daniel Casey (Anthony Cox), Tracey Wilkinson (Elaine Craig), David Bradley (Eddie Wells), Malcolm McDowell (Benny Barratt), Alun Armstrong (Austin Donohue), Tony Haygarth (Roy Johnson), Saskia Wickham (Claudia Seabrook), Donald Sumpter (Harold Chapple), David Schofield (John Salway), Daniel Webb (Ron Conrad), Peter Jeffrey (Colin Blamire), Nicholas Selby (Sir Edward Jones), Louise Salter (Julia Allen), Angeline Ball (Daphne), George Sweeney (Leonard Harris), Geoffrey Hutchings (John Edwards), Jo MacInnes (Francine Volker), Julian Fellowes (Claude Seabrook), Terence Rigby (Berger),

There are some works in all art-forms that defy convention, that break rules and are imperishable to the mind’s eye.  Peter Flannery’s monumental TV drama of the mid-nineties is just that and more.  Of all the British TV dramas in this selection, along with numerous European TV masterpieces from directors as important as Kieslowski, Fassbinder, Bergman, Reitz and Syberberg, more than any other this masterpiece belongs up there with them in the stratosphere.  This is, in many ways, the British Heimat, and also comparable to the later drama The Best of Youth which covered a similar period in time in Italian history.  For anyone who lived through the period of 1964-1995, this is not just compulsive viewing, it’s like reading your own life story. (more…)


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