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Heimat 2 (No 14)

heimat 2 1

(Germany 1992 1,059m) DVD1/2

Aka. Die Zweite Heimat; Heimat: The Next Generation

Art or life?

p  Joachim Von Mengershausen, Edgar Reitz  d/w  Edgar Reitz  ph  Gernot Roll, Gerard Vandenberg, Christian Reitz  ed  Susanne Hartmann  m  Nikos Mamangakis  art  Franz Bauer  cos  Billie Brassers, Nikola Hoelz

Henry Arnold (Hermann Simon), Salome Kaller (Clarissa Lichtblau), Gisela Muller (Evelyne Cerphal), Anke Sevenich (Schnüsschen), Noemi Stauer (Helga), Lena Lessing (Olga), Daniel Smith (Juan), Eva Maria Bayerwaltes (Aunt Pauline), Eva Maria Schneider (Marie-Goot), Michael Seyfried (Ansgar), Michael Schönborn (Alex), László I.Kich (Reinhard), Peter Weiss (Rob), Frank Roth (Stefan), Armin Fuchs (Volker), Hanna Köhler (Frau Moretti), Susanne Lothar (Esther), Anna Thalbach (Trixi), Alfred Edel (Herr Edel), Ivan Desny (René Christian), Franziske Traub (Renate), Edith Behleit (Mother Lichtblau), Hannelore Hoger (Frau Cerphal), Kurt Wagner (Glasisch),

Heimat was, upon its release in 1984, regarded as an unquestionable masterpiece and, for its director, a summit he could not hope to top.  After all, how does one go higher than Everest?  The answer of course is that you don’t, you tackle the Eiger.  And that’s just what he did with this sequel, making the cinematic equivalent to the North Face of the Eiger.  True, not the height or scope of Everest, but the period it did cover was covered so meticulously, and was so important and challenging as to represent the most difficult option open to him.  Ask any mountain climber, what would they rather climb, Everest or the North Face of the Eiger, they’d head off to Nepal every time. (more…)

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