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by Sam Juliano

     Those who were unable to take advantage of the recent Barnes & Noble 50% off Criterion DVD sale, which ended yesterday, can instead aim their focus on another offer that appears ever better.  At ‘Deep Discount DVD’ (until November 29th only though, so there are only four days left to act) they are offering the entire invantory for 40% off.  And of course there isn’t any sales tax and shipping is always FREE.  So for those who weren’t able to attain the recently-released Criterion set of The Golden Age of Television, the Deep Discount sale will enable you to buy it for a price that is nearly as low as the Criterion mark down.

     But there is so much more there, and collectors are urged to get over there ASAP to pick up gifts and shore up the holes in their collection.  All blu-ray DVDs are also 40% off, books, 30% off and CDs 30% off.  Get over there now!  (no I am not winning any commission!)

NOTE WELL:  This sale includes EVERY DVD from EVERY COMPANY, not just Criterion.  All Warners, Paramount, MCA, MGM, Kino, Image, etc, etc, are 40% off!


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la belle noiseuse 1

(France 1991 239m) DVD1/2

We want truth in painting

Martine Marignac  d  Jacques Rivette  w  Pascal Bonitzar, Christine Laurent, Jacques Rivette  story  “Le Chef d’Oeuvre Inconnu” by Honoré de Balzac  ph  William Lubtchansky  ed  Nicole Lubtchansky  m  Igor Stravinsky  art  Emmanuel de Chauvigny

Michel Piccoli (Edouard Frenhofer), Jane Birkin (Liz), Emmanuelle Béart (Marianne), Marianne Denicourt (Julienne), David Bursztein (Nicolas), Giles Arbona (Porbus),

Jacques Rivette is probably the most individual director of the acknowledged greats of the nouvelle vague, a director of a purely personal vision, one which may alienate as many as it entrances but which remains wholly original.  His 1991 study in the creative artistic process qualifies as a Rivettian subject in more ways than one.  Not only is the film itself one to split audiences down the middle, but so too is the eponymous painting itself.  In truth, the finished article (or should one say articles, as he bricks his original up rather than have people see it) is not one that I could say I really appreciated remotely enough to confer with the notion of his being a genius, but it’s the process itself that is under the microscope here.  Well, that and the human soul.  (more…)

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